Bordeaux Monument Tracker

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Bordeaux Monument Tracker for smartphones and tablets.

Download the new application Monument Tracker devoted to the Wine Capital!

Immerse yourself in the majestic universe of Bordeaux, a magical and unique city listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Be alerted automatically present points of interest around you and discover more than 90 monuments, sites and circuits. Find hidden places, admire the architectural gems of the 18th century or contemporary buildings, follow in the footsteps of famous people that the city counted, stroll along the docks’ exceptional façade or locate a museum … and enrich your knowledge.

On App Store & Google Play Store.


Have you ever admired a monument without knowing its history?

Monument Tracker

The Monument Tracker intuitive mobile applications reveal to you the history of monuments and places of interest around you, according to the alert distance that you set up (from 30 m to 1 000 m). During your walk, notifications on the surrounding monuments will appear automatically.

« I’m not searching, I’m finding », a brilliant application to discover your next travel destination.

For adults and children. No roaming charges.

Marseille on the move by Monument Tracker

Marseille on the move

City of art and culture, Marseille has many wonders to share with you. With its 26 centuries of existence, Marseille reveals in its landscape the remains of different past times.

With Marseille on the move by Monument Tracker (in collaboration with the Tourist Office and Convention Bureau), discover 88 emblematic monuments of this city from its Greek and Roman origins until today.

Download on App Store & Google Play.

Bastia Monument Tracker

Bastia Monument Tracker

Bastia, cultural and baroque town unveils its treasuries and history with the official mobile application of the Tourist Office.

More than 60 monuments to discover throughout the Bastia agglomeration during your rides.

Bastia Monument Tracker on App Store and Google Play.

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Test our QUIZtory!

The Holy Chapel - Paris

Why Louis IX of France has built the “Sainte Chapelle” (The Holy Chapel) in Paris?

1. To celebrate his coronation

2. To house his collection of Passion Relics

3. To house his tomb



Discover very soon our monuments history quiz on the Monument Tacker facebook page.

Your spring weekend is Monumental!


Barcelona, Rome, ??Paris, London, Madrid, Venice, Florence, New York, Milan… Spring is perfect to spend your weekends in Capitals and others cultural cities. Immerse itself in a country, it’s undoubtedly renew and marvel itself…

Istanbul Monument Tracker

Hagia Sophia

Byzantium and then Constantinople – in honor of the Roman Emperor Constantine I – before being Istanbul since 1930, the “New Rome” of the East, also founded on seven hills, belonged to ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, to Ottoman Empire before being finally integrated to the Turkish Republic…

Discover very soon the 150 monuments that reveal the rich past of the city with Monument Tracker.

Berlin Monument Tracker

Berliner Dom

Commercial city during the Middle Ages, royal & imperial capital, world metropolis since a long time, Cold War symbol … the city now attracts by its modernism, its creative industries and its lifestyle.

Discover very soon more than 180 monuments and sites with the Berlin Monument Tracker app.

Coming soon …

Metz, Marseille, Bastia, Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg and Istanbul very soon online on App Store and Google Play … and the “World” application.
Monument Tracker will then exceed 5,000 monuments well informed with geolocation in different languages.

France Guide by Monument Tracker

France Guide

The Official Mobile Application of Atout France presents 230 national iconic monuments.
Atout France, the Tourism Development Agency of France, is the State Operator in tourism, responsible for the development of this sector and all its actors. It chose Monument Tracker technology, based on the geolocation and push to create a mobile application for enhancement of historic and cultural heritage throughout the French territory: “France Guide”.
France Guide allows to discover free of charge (and without roaming charges with the offline version) the most beautiful 230 national monuments and historical points of interest in France.
The application also provides access to download various France Monument Tracker applications.
Download on the App Store.

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